Hi. Hop in.

App. Booked. Nice to meet you. I pool and ride without stress, fully electric, fair and social. If our paths cross, we share the ride. My own car? It stays at home. So that I arrive relaxed.


The i&any idea:
sustainable and smart mobility

i&any is a comfortable, safe and data-driven mobility solution as a sensible supplement to public transport. Through shared rides, e-mobility as well as fair working conditions, i&any makes an important contribution to the livable and sustainable city of the future with streets and parks where people can meet. To achieve this, we need to reduce individual local traffic and parking spaces altogether. i&any offers a modern mobility service that combines the comfort of your own car with the efficient and intelligent resource utilization of ridepooling. Like this, we create space and reduce emissions and noise.

Change attitude

Your mom always said never get in a car with strangers? i&any says hop in. Always hop in with strangers. We want to bring people to their destination together. This way we reduce car traffic and you save money. Win-win for everyone, right? And you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. This is how we envision the mobility of the future.

Change life

Be the change. i&any wants to be the change and not just sit there and watch. We want to proactively make Switzerland’s urban centers more livable and sustainable. Because less traffic is quieter and causes fewer emissions. Less parking space is needed and more living space can be created for encounters. An attractive city for all.

Change drive

Our fleet runs 100% on electricity from renewable energy. But that’s not enough for us. Thanks to modern algorithms, we are further optimizing our service. The rides are set up so that we take as many passengers as possible on a trip and reduce the number of empty trips to a minimum. To save even more resources, we use the vehicles in car sharing outside our service hours.

Share more, get more

Like Mobility, you share a car. Coincidence? Hardly. i&any is a corporate start-up of the Mobility cooperative. Our ridepooling service saw the light of day in Mobility’s InnovationLab.

The brains behind i&any.


Franziska Schär


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Liesbeth Deddens


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Christian Schellenberg

Operations manager

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Abdirizak Mahamed

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The easy driver

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Saber Aloui

Saber Aloui

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