We know
what we stand for

The i&any idea

i&any is a convenient, safe and data-driven mobility solution as a useful addition to public transport. Through shared rides, e-mobility and fair working conditions, i&any makes an important contribution to the livable and sustainable city of the future.

Change attitude

Your mom always said never get into a car with strangers? i&any says hop in. This way we reduce car traffic and you save some money. Win-win for everyone, right?

Change life

i&any wants to be the change and not just sit there and watch. We want to proactively make Switzerland’s urban centers more livable and sustainable. Because less traffic is good for all of us.

Change drive

Our fleet runs 100% on electricity. All from renewable energy. Thanks to modern algorithms, we continue to optimize our trips so that we have as few empty runs as possible.

Share, and you get more.

Like Mobility, you share a car. Coincidence? Hardly. i&any is a corporate start-up of the Mobility cooperative. Our ridepooling service saw the light of day in Mobility’s InnovationLab. It is the place where new products and services for the future of Mobility are developed.