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i&any: our story

Nice that you are interested in i&any! You probably want to know who we are? Before we can answer that, you should know where we come from. Mobility launched a new Ridepooling service.

We are a corporate start-up of the Mobility cooperative. Flexible, smart and sustainable.. For now, you can only find us in Zurich because we want to compliment public transport with our data-driven mobility solution.

We bring night owls safely and comfortably to the next party, to their friends or back home. That’s why we’re on the road from Thursday to Saturday from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Like night owls. But we don’t fly, we ride on wheels. Doesn’t that already exist? Not quite. We are different. We bring strangers together. Because everyone who goes in the same direction,  can ride together. What’s more, we’re completely electric. We don’t just want to sit there and watch, we want to get involved. For a livable and sustainable city of the future.

Change attitude, change life, change drive.
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