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Service hours

Thursday 1800 – 0400
Friday 1800 – 0400
Saturday 1800 – 0400


How much does it cost to ride i&any?

Where do you want to go? Tell us and we will calculate the price. Before you hop in, of course. After the ride you pay with your credit card, exactly the price we quoted you.

Where is i&any available?

For the time being, we are in Zurich city. Always in the evening and at night from Thursday to Sunday, 6pm to 4am.

How do I get to my virtual stop?

To limit the amount of d-tours, we have virtual stops all over the city (only visible in the App). Five minutes after booking, the ‘Live mode’ appears that shows you the clostest stop. Follow the dotted line on the map to your stop.

How can I request a ride with i&any?

Grab your phone. Download our app. Sign up. And pool. Super simple.
Download the app. Register. And hop in.

Can I book in advance?

Sure you can. You can book your ride in the app up to 7 days before your desired start time. To be sure we can pick you up in time, book 15′ in advance.

What is the difference between Pool-Ride and Express-Ride?

Pool-Ride gets you from A to B quickly. You are not alone, but share the ride with people who also want to go in your direction. We want your wallet to be able to relax as well. How? Our algorithms optimize the routes. This means fewer cars on the road and lower costs for you.

With the Express Ride, you travel exclusively. No matter if there are two or four of you. We send you a car that takes you to your destination without stopping. Also super handy if you’re in a hurry.

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